2022 Speakers

Pam Robertson

Sunshine Tiny Homes

Heather and Kevin Fritz

Fritz Tiny Homes

Jen McCarthy

Teacup Tiny Homes

Bianca Metz

The Giving Tree, Tiny Homes Ontario

Ken Bekendam


Rose Linseman and Karen Kirkwood-Whyte

Small Home Community, Municipality of Chatham-Kent

Ruth Cooper

Steeltown Solar, a division of Ecodomus Consulting

Ed Peterson

Tiny Town Association

Andrew Miller

Nine Mile North
Emily Grundy

Emily Grundy

Sherwin-Williams Canada

D’Arcy McNaughton

Acorn Tiny Homes

Yemi Ifegbuyi

Cozii Technologies Inc.

Justin Massecar

Ontario Tiny Homes

Odilon Lemieux

Borrum Energy Solutions
Laura Blease

Laura Blease

Seeds for Eco Communities

Tony Cunha


Payam Shalchian

Instead Tiny Homes

Rebecca Loewen

Tiny House Dweller

Jo Fairley

Nature Loo

Ryan Brooks

Canadian Off Grid Depot

Stacie DaPonte

Tiny House Dweller