Tiny Footprint Homes

Tiny Footprint Homes

Tiny Home Builder

Tiny Footprint Homes co-founder Paul Arts is a licensed, red-seal carpenter and has been working in the Huron County community for almost 15 years with partner and co-founder Josh Batkin located in Vanastra, Ontario.

Tiny Footprint Homes builds quality tiny homes that provide a comfortable living space that is safe, secure and private. Tiny Footprint Homes aims to provide more individual, affordable housing to meet the needs of a diverse population to improve their well being and opportunity to thrive.

“The first main focus for us in doing this, was to help people who can’t afford a house of their own, and also to help resolve the homelessness issue going on in Huron County. We’re not doing this get rich, we’re doing this to help out as much as we can.”

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