We are Siber Inc, located at 9-10 Bramhurst Ave, Brampton, Ontario

Our company designs & develops Rewashower, the independent recirculating shower systems that solve shower hygiene not only for people with limited access to water ( e.g. van life, RV, tiny houses, off grid living), but also for people who are living in water contamination or drought areas.

  • Our systems offer the following benefits:
  • Getting endless hot shower with only a few gallons of water
  • System works independently. No need to connect to water network
  • Soap, shampoo Water filters never get clogged
  • System wastes only 1- 3 gallons of water for soap rinsing each shower
  • Saving 90% water & 90% energy comparing to 10 minutes of regular shower
  • Unique 4 stages water filters with UV sterilize
  • System doesn’t recycle soapy water so water is always pure, no any soapy smell.
  • Hair, Dirt, Sand no problem
  • No or very little maintenance required
  • Come in many models using propane or electric
  • Ideal to use for Rvers, Vanlife, Camping, Tiny house, off grid, overland, etc.
  • No bathroom, shower renovation or plumbing work required for installation
  • Rewashower is a plug and play, build for last and eco-friendly system
  • During the tiny house show, the unique system design for tiny houses made of HDPE plastic will be demonstrated.




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Phone: 647 406 8743

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