Cozii Proptech

Cozii Proptech

Property Management Software

Manage your rental property whenever, wherever.

Cozii Proptech helps you be the best landlord possible. Our simplified, automated online platform helps you to receive and manage repairs, book handyman services, receive payments online, advertise rental vacancies to pre-screened renters, and do more from a single platform. Easy to use, cost saving and hassle free.

What our customers have to say:

 “Knowing that we can manage our renter apartments from anywhere gives me and my spouse peace of mind. The phone rings much less and we can get a lot done by using the Cozii Proptech to collect rent payment and communicate with tenants.” 

– Jennifer Perry, Landlord, Toronto


 “As we expand our rentals, we realized we can’t continue to do business the old ways. I was excited to learn about how Cozii Proptech can help us be a better landlord, increase efficiency, and save time and money. This is the future of property management.”

 Mike Ferrari, Rental Property Developer, London, Ontario


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