Adeilah Dahlke

Adeilah Dahlke

Jigsaw Organizing Solutions


Creating a Capsule Wardrobe – Learn how to make the most of your tiny space by curating a capsule wardrobe, which is customized to your lifestyle and gives you the variety that you need.
Organizing For Small Space – Maximize your space in a tiny home! Learn how to capitalize on your vertical space, utilizing items that you already have, or with simple DIY projects.
Sustainable Decluttering – Learn about many alternatives to the landfill and conventional donation centres to make sure your decluttered items will continue to get used. Also, gain some tips about how to stop the flow of clutter coming into your home!

Meet Adeliah:

Adeilah Dahlke is a Trained Professional Organizer, and started her business Jigsaw Organizing Solutions in 2015. She is proficient in downsizing and helping you free yourself of items that have been holding you back, as well as with preparing you to move (whether to a larger or smaller space) and organizing tight spaces such as a closet or pantry. What really sets Adeilah apart from other organizers is that her main goal is to get you organized and declutter your possessions, not to give you a picture perfect space that can be hard to maintain. Equipped with a passion for sustainability, Adeilah tries to send the least amount possible to landfill when working with her clients, and organizes spaces by upcycling and using what a client already has. In 2022 she joined Green Economy Canada to keep her on target and held accountable to reduce her business’ carbon footprint. She has won several Reader’s Choice Awards and in 2022 was the recipient of the Ambassador Award through Professional Organizers in Canada.
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