Record number of tiny homes in one place this summer

Record number of tiny homes in one place this summer

Ok, so it’s just our second year. Still, we assembled 24 tiny homes and other model homes for you to see – that’s something! If you’re planning your visit, here are some of the highlights of tourable homes in the 2023 Tiny Home Show.

Tiny Homes on Wheels

Almost too many to list, check out the tiny homes on wheels presented in the outdoor area of the show. Traveling the farthest are Teacup Tiny Homes (Alberta), Fritz Tiny Homes (Alberta), Minimaliste (Quebec) and ZeroSquared (Alberta). Plenty of Ontario builders will be showing their models as well, including such popular names as Acorn Tiny Homes, Instead, Crawford Compact Homes, Tiny Spaces, and Tiny Footprint Homes.

Tiny Homes on Foundation

Whiterock Tiny Homes will be showing a model that can be transported to anywhere in Ontario and installed on a permanent foundation, creating an instant garden suite or ADU. Additionally, Instead, Acorn Tiny Homes, Teacup Tiny Homes, Crawford Compact Homes and other builders will be talking about their tiny home on foundation options. Also, check out Habitat28 which has been making waves in home shows across Ontario this year.

Container Homes

Ballance Container Homes and Insula Container Conversions will be able to walk you through the options when it comes to container homes in Ontario. Check out the double-wide fully off-grid model by Ballance!

Domes, Tents, Bunkies, and Chicken Coops

In the “Miscellaneous” category, you will find the most diversity – and the most fun! We will be showing not one, but two domes, plus a prospector tent and two chicken coops that regularly inspire envy from humans – or so we are told!